21 - Mopping Exercise


21 - Mopping Exercise


Direct Aim


            -     Control of movement

            -     Developing eye-hand coordination

            -     Appreciation for neatness and order

            -           Developing attention to ...

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These lessons describe and explain on a step-by-step method how to present pertinent Montessori materials and exercises of Practical Life to children from ages 3 to 6.  The information provided with these notes is not intended to be a substitute for live instruction offered by a formal Montessori teacher preparation course.  For the experienced Montessori teacher, these notes will serve well as enriching professional insights; for the beginner, they will lay a solid foundation for understanding the Montessori Method and for practicing many of its principles and techniques in the role of teacher-assistant or private home-teacher.  Formal courses for the C.M.E. certification program have been discontinued and are no longer offered by The Albanesi Educational Center.

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